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2015-10-02 05:32 pm

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Rock wasn't particularly concerned if anyone was watching him swim, so he kept it up. Out of the corner of his eye, whenever he bounced off the edge of the pool, he noticed a few people. Some of them were definitely looking in his direction, but maybe there were otherwise occupied. He hoped so, at least. As much as he enjoyed the attention around here, it was starting to get complicated managing his time. Rin had apparently spread the word about him, and he was getting asked out every day.

When he emerged from the pool, water dripping down his slender frame, he noticed a few people. It was a common meeting spot, so much that the swimming kids had had to get their own, separate pool to train in. As he was walking, he couldn't help but notice Mikuru. She hadn't asked him out or even spoke to him much, outside of a few meetings with her and her partners. As he toweled off, he waved to her, slightly awkward.
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2015-09-26 06:43 pm

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Rock pulled the car around to the end of the block. It was already past dark, so it was reasonably rare that people would be coming and going all that often. He didn't exactly understand why, but Rin was intent on not being seen. Hopefully that didn't mean she was going to pull something. He liked it here, and didn't want to get involved in too much drama. Rin was still only nineteen, so it wouldn't shock him if she was hard to deal with. Still, he'd enjoyed spending time with her so far.

When he saw her on the sidewalk, heavy sweater hanging over short skirt and clinging tights wrapping her up and keeping her safe, he leaned over to pop open the door. "Hey. Get in. We have a drive to go on, right?" he said.
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2015-08-29 09:54 pm

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She was easy to spot across the room. He hadn't gotten to see a picture with her face in it, so he checked from behind. The brown curls were a dead giveaway. She wasn't specifically in her costume, but maybe it was underneath. He had thought about asking for a sailor suit, but settled on a standard uniform. He figured it would be hotter if it reminded him of his actual school days. As he got closer, he recognized the plaid skirt and practically salivated at the sight of her legs. He was surprised how into this he was.

On top, she wore a black sweater that looked bulky -- obviously she was wearing the uniform and tie underneath. She had a big black bag that must have had props, and maybe the uniform jacket. He sat down next to her.

"Are you Kumiko?" he said. He knew he was right just based on her eyes. "I don't want a drink. Let's go upstairs, if you're ready." He didn't touch her. He probably should have, given how much money he'd spent and how much Revy had mocked him while he made his request over the phone, but he was alright. He was practically already in "costume" with his dress shirt on. He leaned over the bar, watching her, head resting on his chin. She was gorgeous, but still innocent. Not his usual type, but it was going to work.
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2015-05-19 05:33 pm

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Rock went into his bedroom, ignoring Revy's screaming. He wasn't entirely sure if she was angry at someone or if Eda's head was buried in between her thighs, but he wasn't worried about it. He wandered down the stairs, stopping at one of the landings and leaning over the railing. The sun was setting slowly, as it always did. He wondered why, in the grand scheme of things, he was so happy. He reached for his cigarettes, realizing his pockets were empty.

He saw Roberta on the beach below, also watching the sunset. She looked gorgeous, her hair flowing down almost to her waist. He wanted to approach her, but waited. He was down low enough, and accompanied by the waves, he couldn't hear Revy or Eda. It was almost silent, and he jutst closed his eyes, taking in the heat from the sun.
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2014-12-08 09:32 pm

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Rock sighed as he leaned back in his chair, pulling a cigarette out of the pack in his pocket and lighting it up. He focused on the ceiling as the familiar burn of smoke filtered into his lungs. Being in charge of all this paperwork was stressful, but it's not like he could trust any of the girls to do it. He was stressed, and he knew the best way to get out of it was a good fuck... but he'd seen (and heard), Revy and Eda on his way home, and Roberta... well, she wasn't anywhere to be found, at the moment. Besides... he couldn't just ask her, or push her into it. He sighed, getting up and walking into the kitchen to get a beer, as a temporary catharsis.

He leaned against the counter, considering. Those two girls had been practically draping themselves over him the other day... shit, what were their names? Well, it didn't matter, not now. As much as he wanted to go and find them, it would get him in more shit than he wanted to deal with. Revy might give him a little leeway because at least they weren't Japanese, but he didn't want the unpleasant ball-busting experience afterwards, both literally and figuratively. Eda wouldn't give a shit, of course, but... now he had Roberta to worry about, too. No matter what all of them wanted to pretend, he was the one who had to make sure no one's feelings got hurt. Well, not deeply, anyway.
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2014-08-26 02:20 am

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Rock put out his last cigarette, looking over at Revy as she stared distantly at the idiotic cable TV she had on. It was a pretty usual post-sex routine, including her legs being spread as wide as possible, as wide as they were while they were doing it, and her total lack of clothing. He was also naked, but she'd barely moved from where was was during the actual event, at least the last portion. Usually, this was when she laughed uproariously at something, before returning to her neutral face.

He turned to the left, pushing another packet of cigarettes and a can of beer towards her, using his foot. He stayed sitting on the arm of the couch, not wanting to be close enough for her foot to enter his skull. "Hey, Revy? I wanted to talk to you about something. Do you... when Mana was born, how did you feel?" he said.
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2014-08-01 08:49 pm

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A cigarette dangled from Rock's lips as there was a huge bundle of sheets near them, mostly off the bed. Revy's bronzed, naked body was nearby, her hair in a mess. He wiped more sweat off. "That was good," he said. His cock felt almost numb, while still being slightly hard. Revy's leg was resting over his, and her fingers were dug into his arm. She refused to "cuddle," but they rarely ceased physical contact on nights like this.

"It's been too long. Shiki and Taniguchi and everyone else are treating you right, right?" he said.
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2014-06-24 03:40 am

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Rock turned his key in the last gun cabinet, spinning the large rubber bauble on his fingertip as he walked out of the weapons room. Pulling down the metal shutter on the entire room, he watched it for a moment, as if he could try and psyche it out, stop it from spontaneously opening. He still wasn't all that interested in firing weapons himself, unless it was absolutely necessary, but maintaining them and storing them offered him a certain zen pleasure. Now that they had this many guns that needed maintaining, he was glad he had gotten used to it.

He was able to spin around, comfortable in the safety and security of their armory, and headed to the barracks next door. His watch, beat up from years of wear and tear, still ticked away, and revealed that it was nearly 1:00 AM. He suspected everyone else was mostly still asleep, as all of the other buildings on base were locked away. Rock smiled, wondering why he was so satisfied with running a military base when he was almost 40.

He walked up the stairs, dropping his keys onto the ring he kept by the door with all of their gear. Revy's cutlasses were nearby, hanging precariously in their holsters from a door knob. Revy herself wasn't that much more put together, laying in bed, her face collapsed into pillows and her ass, wearing what he thought might have been men's briefs with a hole in it.

"Hey, Two-Hands. At least turn the lights off if you're gonna fall asleep," he said, smirking. He pulled out a cigarette.
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2014-05-25 10:56 pm

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Rock strolled through the aisles of the convenience store, throwing a few things into his basket. They were in-between jobs, and it was nice to be able to shop somewhere that wasn't Roanapur; your risk of getting shot in the back while trying to grab a bag of potato chips was significantly reduced.

He grabbed a case of beer, looking over what he had and making sure he wasn't forgetting anything. Once he was satisfied, he nodded his head, looking towards the front. On his way there, though, he got distracted by the magazine rack.

He set his basket down, thumbing through the porn and picking out two that looked good. He didn't really need both, but... the girls on the front were both about the same level of attractiveness. He turned his head, calling out when he caught sight of an all-too-familiar figure.

"Hey, Revy! Which one of these should I get?" He held them both up in her eyeline, content to say he could blame her in his own head if she picked a shitty one.