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Friday, 1 August 2014 20:49
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A cigarette dangled from Rock's lips as there was a huge bundle of sheets near them, mostly off the bed. Revy's bronzed, naked body was nearby, her hair in a mess. He wiped more sweat off. "That was good," he said. His cock felt almost numb, while still being slightly hard. Revy's leg was resting over his, and her fingers were dug into his arm. She refused to "cuddle," but they rarely ceased physical contact on nights like this.

"It's been too long. Shiki and Taniguchi and everyone else are treating you right, right?" he said.

2014-08-02 01:57 (UTC)
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"Give me that, fucker." Revy leaned, plucking the cigarette out of Rock's mouth and taking a drag. She pulled a face. "This shit isn't anywhere near strong enough." She ignored her distaste for the moment, since she sure as hell wasn't dragging her ass out of bed to get her own. She held it aside after a few more puffs, leaning forward to kiss him and pull his bottom lip through her teeth.

She stuck the cigarette back into his mouth, leaning against him again and biting and sucking at the skin of his shoulder. "Fuck yeah, they have. Every time with Shiki is so fucking good. Beating the shit out of Toji has been fun, too. It's pretty fucking cool to feel somebody's cock get harder inside you." She smirked, dragging her nails down his chest. "What about you, Rock? Having fun with all those sluts you're sleeping around with?"

2014-08-02 02:18 (UTC)
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"Not like you haven't fucking seen it. You can watch, I don't give a shit. I don't know, maybe I thought you'd get sentimental if you saw me getting hurt." She dropped her voice, doofy and sarcastic, knowing Rock sure as hell would need to get over it if he ever felt that way. "Yeah, I fucking enjoy it. Why would I let them in, if they didn't? Watching them get hard and telling them they can't do anything is like a fucking present on Christmas."

She arched her back, pushing her tit further against his hand. "Yeah, you and your fucking young ones. You're a dirty old man, you know that? It's a good thing your cock is good, or you'd just be a creep." She grinned, all teeth. "Speaking of the kids, you been with Eda, lately? That bitch is really pissing me off. We come here and she just fucking runs off. Damn slut."

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"Yeah, well, maybe we're not good enough now. She forgets who started this shit in the first place." She pulled an ugly face, looking like she wanted to spit on the floor. "You ever pull shit like this and I'll kill you, you know that, right?" She didn't think he needed the reminder, but she brought it up anyway.

She punched him in the ribs. "Yeah, I'm jealous. Don't be a dickwad. I mean... the young ones are hot, but you know who my favorites are. They're good when they're young because they have stamina and they'll go for fucking anything... but the experience makes a difference."

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"No, I don't, I never thought about that shit." She turned to press their bodies together, raking her nails down his back and squeezing his ass, rough. "Please, 'everything', don't be so fucking smug." She bit at his neck, bruising a mark she'd made earlier even deeper.

"I want to be in more goddamn orgies with you. And Eda, if she can get her fucking head out of her ass." She licked over his skin, soothing it, before biting even harder an inch up. "We don't fuck enough anymore." Not like she'd ever admit it, she'd get fucking shot before she did, but she thought about him a lot, even when she was with other people.

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"They fucking should be." She listened, biting sharp enough to break the skin of his shoulder, and slid her hand over his cock again at the same time. "How about we go with both, then. Cocks first. Fuck Eda, I'm getting you all to myself."

She listed off all the people who'd been in her head. "Shiki, Mick, Tan, floating bitch, Ryo if he fucking shuts his goddamn shit mouth, purple-haired bitch you like so much, big-tits cat-girl, Lance, that brown-haired fucking swimmer, the orange-haired one too, the fucking 'otter' or whatever bullshit he spouted, Toj, maybe Eda, if I can punch the shit out of her." She pumped his cock harder, tightening her fingers.

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"I don't care about how fucking tall you are or gorgeous your eyes are or any of that bullshit. This," she squeezed his cock again, "Is the only thing that matters. And I turn you on because I'm the hottest fucking piece of ass you'll ever have, dumbass. Give me your fucking fingers."

"I don't speak fucking Japanese, so I don't know who the fuck you're talking about." She hissed as he slipped his fingers inside her, thrusting her hips down. "But no, it's not. If he can't fuck me hard, I don't want him. I'm sure Eda could tell me, but I don't want to talk to that bitch."


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