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Tuesday, 24 June 2014 03:40
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Rock turned his key in the last gun cabinet, spinning the large rubber bauble on his fingertip as he walked out of the weapons room. Pulling down the metal shutter on the entire room, he watched it for a moment, as if he could try and psyche it out, stop it from spontaneously opening. He still wasn't all that interested in firing weapons himself, unless it was absolutely necessary, but maintaining them and storing them offered him a certain zen pleasure. Now that they had this many guns that needed maintaining, he was glad he had gotten used to it.

He was able to spin around, comfortable in the safety and security of their armory, and headed to the barracks next door. His watch, beat up from years of wear and tear, still ticked away, and revealed that it was nearly 1:00 AM. He suspected everyone else was mostly still asleep, as all of the other buildings on base were locked away. Rock smiled, wondering why he was so satisfied with running a military base when he was almost 40.

He walked up the stairs, dropping his keys onto the ring he kept by the door with all of their gear. Revy's cutlasses were nearby, hanging precariously in their holsters from a door knob. Revy herself wasn't that much more put together, laying in bed, her face collapsed into pillows and her ass, wearing what he thought might have been men's briefs with a hole in it.

"Hey, Two-Hands. At least turn the lights off if you're gonna fall asleep," he said, smirking. He pulled out a cigarette.
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