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Tuesday, 24 June 2014 03:40
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Rock turned his key in the last gun cabinet, spinning the large rubber bauble on his fingertip as he walked out of the weapons room. Pulling down the metal shutter on the entire room, he watched it for a moment, as if he could try and psyche it out, stop it from spontaneously opening. He still wasn't all that interested in firing weapons himself, unless it was absolutely necessary, but maintaining them and storing them offered him a certain zen pleasure. Now that they had this many guns that needed maintaining, he was glad he had gotten used to it.

He was able to spin around, comfortable in the safety and security of their armory, and headed to the barracks next door. His watch, beat up from years of wear and tear, still ticked away, and revealed that it was nearly 1:00 AM. He suspected everyone else was mostly still asleep, as all of the other buildings on base were locked away. Rock smiled, wondering why he was so satisfied with running a military base when he was almost 40.

He walked up the stairs, dropping his keys onto the ring he kept by the door with all of their gear. Revy's cutlasses were nearby, hanging precariously in their holsters from a door knob. Revy herself wasn't that much more put together, laying in bed, her face collapsed into pillows and her ass, wearing what he thought might have been men's briefs with a hole in it.

"Hey, Two-Hands. At least turn the lights off if you're gonna fall asleep," he said, smirking. He pulled out a cigarette.

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"Shut the hell up, cockmunch, I'm not asleep." Revy grumbled into the pillows, in probably what was the most half-asleep sounding voice possible. She turned onto her back, exposing her perfect tits, and glared at him. "What were you doing, jerking off in the gun closet again? Fucking freak." She waved her hand. "C'mere, asshole." When he listened, she put an arm around his shoulders, plucking the cigarette out of his mouth and lazily kissing him, her tongue sliding into his mouth.

She pulled away, letting him go and moving to her side of the bed, almost unconsciously. "Things are good, right?" She knew if there was an issue she would hear about it, but she would hunt down any fuckers who touched her gun collection. That shit was like crack to an addict, and she wouldn't let anyone take them from her.

She itched under her tits, sighing. "Hey, Rock? What do you really think of all these people? Do you think we can trust them?" Some days, she missed when they were in Roanapur, and she knew who did and didn't have her back. Unless someone was assigned to try and kill them or some shit, but fuck them then.

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"Fucking who?" Revy blinked. "Oh, Katsu-whatso. Blue-hair. Yeah, ok." She waved a hand. "I'm not fucking calling anyone 'san' or what the hell ever." She figured Rock knew that, but she didn't give a shit if she got into a fight because she wasn't 'respectful' enough. She snorted at the thought.

"I think we don't really have time for 'adjusting'. Some of these people look like they've never shot a gun in their life. They're more pathetic looking than you, and that says something." She stretched out, taking his cigarette out of the ashtray and taking a drag.

"If you're going to do this shit, you need to be in it. You hesitate and you're dead. I won't deal with their bullshit morals. I already have to deal with your bullshit." She gave him a look.

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"That fucking kid can't do anything." She scowled. "I mean, ok, he lost a leg and I guess that's sort of badass, but it doesn't mean anything if he can't fire." She sighed.

"Knife girl does seem fucked in the head, so I would think she could do it a little more. You can't be normal and do this. Just doesn't work. You have to be more than a little unhinged. I mean, you get it, Rock. I'm a crazy ass bitch, but that's why I'm so damn good at it."

"Yeah, you Japanese, with your fucking family and Oban festival and hot tables. Bunch of goddamn weirdos." She turned towards him, playing with the end of his tie and then pulling on it, hard.

"... You wanna fuck?" She could take it or leave it, but he'd woken her up, so she might as well try and get some while she could.

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"Don't talk about what gets me in the mood. I still remember that time you fucked me when I was covered in blood." She tipped her head back, hands going to undo his buttons. "Bite me, I want marks. You were too goddamn gentle last time."

Once she pushed his shirt off of his shoulders, she undid his belt and pants, slipping her hand down the front of them and gripping his cock. "Well, I'm telling you, you're not completely Japanese. Not with this." She smirked, tightening her fingers around him.

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"Fuck, yeah, do it like that..." She pulled on the back of his hair, hard, encouraging him. "I'm not Chinese, dipshit, I'm fucking American. My tits are on the small side compared to some of them." She snorted, but it got cut off as she moaned, his teeth feeling like they were about to cut through her skin.

"Fuck, God, why aren't you rough all the fucking time? I want you to pound it into me, I don't want to be able to fucking walk tomorrow." She tightened her thighs together, getting more turned on at the idea. "You should tie me up again, too, like you did that one time... that was fucking hot. And maybe I'll hit you again." Now she was just listing off the shit that'd turned her on, but who fucking cares?

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"Fuck you, I'm the best fucking lay you've ever had and you're ever going to get. You love fucking me. Don't pretend for a goddamn second you don't." She pulled his hair again, jerking his head back and biting at his jugular.

"I don't give a shit what they find out. If they fucked me, they'd have even more respect for me, because they'd know I could shoot them in the head in a second. Either of them. Or in the tits, I guess-- fuck!" She dragged her nails down his back.

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"Harder!" She practically screamed at him. He knew better, and she was tired of telling him to be rougher with her, every goddamn time. She didn't hesitate when he asked her to hit him, grabbing his hair and holding his head still. She pulled her hand back and smacked him with all her strength.

The feel of the sting on her hand, and the way the sound went through the room turned her the fuck on. She tightened around his cock, pushing her body down against his, and switched hands, smacking his other cheek.

It was probably more proof of how fucked-up she was, but she loved being able to hurt him. She knew it turned them both on, and she liked the look he got on his face, like an animal, when he was still submissive to her.

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Revy hissed at him, her voice low. "Give me your fucking fingers and mouth right now, you piece of shit." She kicked him, hit him when he got close enough. She didn't fucking care if she hurt him, not if he was going come and not even get her off.

She cried out when his fingers slid inside her, grabbing a hold of him, clawing. When he sucked on her tits and curled his fingers the right way, it didn't take long before she was coming, too, screaming his name.

She kissed him after, before she reached over for his shirt, wiping off her sweaty skin with it. She frowned. "Now I'm fucking hot."

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Revy looked like she would throw up on his head from his comments. "God, that sounds fucking terrible. You would've been better off if you fucking died, that's better than that shit." She took a long drag. "Yeah, about the air conditioner. We have enough money, this is goddamn ridiculous."

She considered. "No. I thought I'd be dead before I was thirty. God, I'm gonna be forty, Rock. Jesus, I'm fucking geriatric." She groaned. "We have to get Eda back in here. Fucking her would make me feel better about it all. Don't say anything on my birthday. I'd be like most dumb bitches and say not to leave me for a younger woman, but if you did that, you'd be fucking dead." She grinned, her canines showing.

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She felt satisfied at what he said, even though she'd never admit it out loud. "You can't, right? What's a gun without its fucking bullets?" She ground out her cigarette, looking away from him.

She gave him a glare when he said 'together', though. God, she hated that shit. But she'd forgive him, for the moment. Slip of the tongue. "Those two? They've got to be fucking. Or he wants to, at least. Isn't she our age, though, and he's like 20? Cougar. Good for her." She laughed.

"Yeah, I know, it's been fucking forever since we were with that blonde bitch. I don't know what she's doing, she knows she doesn't get it better from anyone but us."

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"Yeah, her tits are out of this fucking world." Revy sighed remembering it, and how awesome it was to have her face between them. She curled up, shoving her arm under her pillow and facing the direction Rock would be laying.

"I guess we'll see what these losers can do, huh? If they suck, you're the one who has to get rid of them." She pulled the sheet up to her shoulders, and shut her eyes.


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