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Sunday, 25 May 2014 22:56
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Rock strolled through the aisles of the convenience store, throwing a few things into his basket. They were in-between jobs, and it was nice to be able to shop somewhere that wasn't Roanapur; your risk of getting shot in the back while trying to grab a bag of potato chips was significantly reduced.

He grabbed a case of beer, looking over what he had and making sure he wasn't forgetting anything. Once he was satisfied, he nodded his head, looking towards the front. On his way there, though, he got distracted by the magazine rack.

He set his basket down, thumbing through the porn and picking out two that looked good. He didn't really need both, but... the girls on the front were both about the same level of attractiveness. He turned his head, calling out when he caught sight of an all-too-familiar figure.

"Hey, Revy! Which one of these should I get?" He held them both up in her eyeline, content to say he could blame her in his own head if she picked a shitty one.

2014-05-26 03:32 (UTC)
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"The fuck do I care? Your jerk-off mags are your problem," she said. She pulled another cigarette out of the pack that they hadn't paid for yet and lit it. "The left. The girl on the left has pretty nice tits but no ass, you can tell from the angle. Since that's a hardcore mag, you want plenty of curves. Hopefully the dude nailing her has a big dick, although with that one... it's probably more than one dude. Anyway, hurry up. I don't wanna be out all night unless I'm getting rich," he said.

She walked with her basket up to the cashier while Rock followed behind, and they made their way back to the Black Lagoon moored off the dock down the street. "Hey, Rock. Why are you buying porno now? You turning into one of these pervs?" she said, handing the heaviest two bags to him as they walked.

2014-05-26 03:51 (UTC)
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"You've got that right. No way I'll let some back alley whore come on to our ship and suck your dick right in front of me," she said. "Even if I did watch. Which, uh, I wouldn't."

She walked casually, eventually dropping the cigarette onto the floor. "Here's the problem, now I gotta listen to you whacking it in the middle of the night. I can barely sleep as it is, I have to worry about your tiny dick sneezing everywhere?" she said. "Still, there's plenty of porn on the ship if you get addicted." She took another cigarette out before they reached the dock.

"What are you into, anyway? Just tits?" she said. She looked down, when he wasn't looking, examining her own.

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"'I get a lot of satisfaction out of making a woman come'," she repeated in a dopey voice that didn't sound anything like Rock. "Listen, I don't make fun of you except when you deserve it. Just so happens that you, like a lot of people, deserve it all the time." She walked over to him, letting her hips swing and her watching her own legs beneath her. She let her mind wander.

"No, go put them in the fridge or wherever they go. By the way, you ever actually do it? Make a girl come, I mean," she said.

2014-05-26 04:24 (UTC)
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Revy lit another cigarette while she pulled off her boots. She sort of hoped the smell would hit Rock right in the nostrils. "A girl? Sure, why the fuck not. I'd rather they come than dudes... no mess," she said.

"You're really fucking twitchy today, Rock, you know that? We can't have a goddamn conversation about sex? You Japanese are all the same," she said. "Americans are able to talk about their dicks without getting a tight asshole, you know. Give it a try."

2014-05-26 04:38 (UTC)
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"The more you hide, the more it makes me think you don't wanna admit you're packing a toothpick down there," she said.

She actually grinned at him, sucking down some of the beer and watching him light his cigarette. She hated how much it turned her on.

"There's one easy way to prove me wrong, you know. Not like anyone else is around, and I've seen more embarrassing shit from you," she said. She undid her hair, letting it roll down her neck.

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Revy finished her beer in one swallow and tossed it directly at Rock's head, but he dodged it at the last second. "Don't make assumptions. Haven't you learned that by now? People are more complicated than they think. Or is the innocent, dreary salaryman your secret identity?" she said.

She walked over to him, keeping her eyes narrow and low. She tugged on her clothes, tightening her tank top over her tits and pulling at the belt around her hips.

"Fucking show me," she said. "Or I get those two Cutlasses over there and start poking around."

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Revy kept her eyes on his cock, making sure to show no emotion whatsoever. Once he revealed the long, thick monster underneath, she almost felt her knees buckle.

Over and over again, she thought about how much she hated it that she wanted him, that it was okay, that she trusted him not to hurt her. All she could do was hope she wasn't wet when he stuck it in, and she'd be in enough pain that she could beat the shit out of him. Of course, she might do that anyway.

"Shirt, too," she said. "You don't want me with a gun in my hand down there. I'll just use my fingers if you want some pain. I know how to do it." She crossed her arms over chest.

"You said legs and ass, yeah?" she took a step back, and undid the belt that held her bottoms together. She slid it over her ass, trying not to look at him, and spun around.

"You'd better like it, cause I'm not posing for any fucking magazines."

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Revy threw her head back, trying not to mean. Instead, she slammed her head into a nearby desk. "Cut it with the gentle shit, Rock! You think I talked about all that shit so you could massage me? Be a fucking man," she said. She pulled his hand in one direction, dropping her body onto a table and bending over. She managed to squeeze out of her tank top until they were both completely naked.

"I'm giving you my ass, so use it," she said. "You may never get another chance, salaryman. What did you want to see inn that rag you bought? Just do it to me." She shoved her head into the cold metal table, not wanting to think too hard. "Just do it!" she screamed, as loud as she could.

2014-05-26 05:45 (UTC)
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"Fucking shit, Rock! How fucking big are you? Slam it in! Harder!" she said, moaning. She punched into the wall as hard as she could, backing her ass into Rock so his cock could get as deep into her as possible.

"You like that? You fucking idiot. You've probably been begging for this since the start," she said. "It's your lucky fucking day, huh? God! That's fucking nice!" She realized that she wouldn't be doing anything else all night, loving everything about it, loving the cold steel underneath her skin and Rock's hot, massive cock, shoving into her. She couldn't believe she was like this.

She also didn't care. "Get it fucking deep! How'd you fuck your little Japanese girlfriend? Gentle, barely thrusting? Tell me I'm fucking better!" She pounded her fist down again, moaning.

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"You think you can? Fuck, Rock, why don't you turn me into a fucking bruise all over!" she said. She couldn't handle the way his cock just slammed into her, over and over. "Go faster! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She kept bounding the table.

Pushing against him, she was able to stand up and push against him. "Turn me over," she said. She moved with him, letting him left her leg up over his until she was back onto the table, facing him. She wasn't sure she could take it, but she needed more. "Get your tongue in my mouth and your hands on my tits, then you can leave all the marks you want," she said. "And keep using that fucking toothpick on me or you get punched. Maybe you want that," she said. She raised her glove-clad fist menacingly.

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"Fucking God!" she moaned. "I hate that this is so good, I hate it, I fucking hate it! Now you're gonna make me want this all the time, you piece of shit!" She reared up her fist and slammed it into the back of his head while he sucked on her breast. She moaned again, just screaming without care for any shame.

"Your cock is mine now! Try anything and I bite it off, but deny me when I want it and I beat you to a fucking pulp," she said. "Now fuck me until I break!" She tugged on his hair while he was buried in her tits.

It took another ten minutes of insane, sweaty thrusting, before Revy's throat, already sore, choked out an almost inhuman scream of violent, insane pleasure.


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