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Rock wasn't particularly concerned if anyone was watching him swim, so he kept it up. Out of the corner of his eye, whenever he bounced off the edge of the pool, he noticed a few people. Some of them were definitely looking in his direction, but maybe there were otherwise occupied. He hoped so, at least. As much as he enjoyed the attention around here, it was starting to get complicated managing his time. Rin had apparently spread the word about him, and he was getting asked out every day.

When he emerged from the pool, water dripping down his slender frame, he noticed a few people. It was a common meeting spot, so much that the swimming kids had had to get their own, separate pool to train in. As he was walking, he couldn't help but notice Mikuru. She hadn't asked him out or even spoke to him much, outside of a few meetings with her and her partners. As he toweled off, he waved to her, slightly awkward.

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Mikuru realized Rock was waving to her, and she did it back, albeit pretty shyly. She was suddenly twice as glad that she'd worn her one piece and not a bikini to the pool, even though Haruhi had been disappointed. She already got enough attention as it was... She was starting to accept now that she was attractive, even if it made her self-conscious, sometimes. Still, she didn't understand why anyone looked at her at all, when there were so many girls here who were much more... open.

That wasn't a bad thing! It was just that she wasn't good at (and didn't really want to) flaunt herself. She knew it was easier for people to be with others, and that was fine. She didn't think she was wrong for wanting to date the people she slept with either. Still, sometimes it was just overwhelming being with the Brigade... she was afraid to branch out too much, too quickly.

Really, though, why was Rock waving to her, of all people? He seemed nice enough, but he and his group had a... reputation. She certainly wasn't his type, it seemed like. To be honest, he was very intimidating.

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"Ah, thank you." She looked away, embarrassed. She hadn't actually gotten in the pool yet, but that was mostly because she was waiting for someone from her group to show up. Haruhi had said she'd be there, at least...

"I haven't been out as much as some of my group." She stated the obvious, fidgeting. "It seems like you're everywhere, though... it seems like you're having fun, from what I've heard." She blushed, just a little. It was hard to come up with something to say, especially because she wasn't sure exactly what Rock's intentions were. Maybe he was more interested in Haruhi...

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"Oh, no! It's been good things..." She felt guilty that he said she didn't need to feel nervous, because of course she was. "It's... difficult, to be honest. You and your group are a lot more..." She struggled to find a word that wouldn't sound rude. "... Rebellious?" That wasn't right either, but she assumed he'd understand.

"Either way, I don't take most things I hear too seriously. I know how easy it is for rumors to start, especially with how many people we have here." She smiled a little, wondering if anyone ever said much about her group that she didn't know about.


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