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Saturday, 26 September 2015 18:43
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Rock pulled the car around to the end of the block. It was already past dark, so it was reasonably rare that people would be coming and going all that often. He didn't exactly understand why, but Rin was intent on not being seen. Hopefully that didn't mean she was going to pull something. He liked it here, and didn't want to get involved in too much drama. Rin was still only nineteen, so it wouldn't shock him if she was hard to deal with. Still, he'd enjoyed spending time with her so far.

When he saw her on the sidewalk, heavy sweater hanging over short skirt and clinging tights wrapping her up and keeping her safe, he leaned over to pop open the door. "Hey. Get in. We have a drive to go on, right?" he said.

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Rin watched her breath cloud in the air one more time before she got into the car, her heart pounding. It was weird, to be driven around by someone after all this time... especially since, for whatever reason, barely anyone in her house did it. She could barely look at Rock, even though she was the one who'd said something.

She couldn't help herself, after what Shiki and Cu said. She hated that they thought she was weak, some little girl who couldn't handle herself, or being with other people. She could take sex that was just as rough as anyone else, and with other people... that was the whole point of this, really. Rock seemed like a nice guy, but... a part of him was darker than a lot of the others. Maybe it was wrong to use him to prove a point, but with the women he lived with, she didn't think he'd mind too much.

"I guess you were able to escape, then?"

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"Normally I'd be concerned that you say that, but it seems like you guys are fine with that dynamic." She spoke a little dryly. She wouldn't pretend for a second that she understood what all of that was about. "I'm sure if I was gone for more than a day they'd notice, but... hopefully not tonight." The last thing she wanted was her phone going off. She'd tried to figure out the situation beforehand, and Tomoe was the only one who didn't seem to be sleeping with someone... but he'd avoided her for the most part so far, so she wasn't worried.

She blushed at his comment. "Excited? Really?" She didn't want to question him, but it seemed silly that he'd feel that way about being with her... she hoped she wouldn't disappoint him. She genuinely had no idea how this would go.

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"I know that's true. I haven't had that with everyone, but a few of us... well, I definitely would be dead if it wasn't for them." She wished she could say the opposite were true, and she felt like she ever protected anyone. "It's complicated, though."

She wanted to be self-depricating, but didn't say anything about it. "No, it's not fun at all, really. I grew up in a magic family, there's a lot of rules and traditions. My parents both died, my sister and I don't speak much because of something they did... and then I fought in a magic war and met all of them, basically." She shrugged a shoulder. "Saber and Cu were involved with me, so we've known each other for three years. Diarmuid, Tomoe, Shiki, and Mikiya came later. Saber met Diarmuid one other time. It's... well, it's a long story. I'll tell you more sometime if you really want to know, but it's probably not important."

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Her throat tightened up at his question. "... Do you really want to have this conversation?" She didn't mind talking (alright, that wasn't totally true), but weren't they here to have sex? "I didn't think you were the type who did that. Sorry if it's rude, but your girlfriends don't exactly seem... emotional."

"I'm not happy, is the short version of it. Some of it is because of them, but it's mostly my own issues that I should just get over." She shrugged a shoulder. She honestly didn't think she was cut out for this kind of relationship, most of the time.

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She frowned, especially by how he was holding her hand. Talking and getting emotional was the last thing that she'd expected. "I hadn't slept with anyone until a few months ago, when this started, and then it was kind of... well, everyone at once. There are still two people I haven't slept with on my own, though. I don't think they really care if we do or not." She scoffed, bitterly.

"Revy... she's the dark-haired one, right? Can't say two words without cursing?" She didn't want to be mean, again, but... how the hell else was she supposed to talk about them? "You saying that surprises me. I always thought you were kind of..." She searched for the right word.

"Ruthless? That sounds too harsh. I don't know how to say it." She looked away. "Anyway, if you had five other people you could sleep with, wouldn't you just get rid of the person who was whining?" Her fingers tightened around his, unintentionally.

"Compared to them, I'm useless. They're all heroes, knights... literally, in this case. Shiki isn't, but she has her own skills. She should talk to Revy, I'm sure they'd get along." She hadn't ever met someone who cared less than Shiki... it was almost a skill in and of itself. She had no idea how she and Mikiya were married. "I don't want to feel like a gap in the chain; less important. They'd all tell me I was wrong if I brought it up, though."

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Rin blushed, but moved anyway, laying on top of him. It was more comfortable than she expected, and it was nice to feel his heat against her. It was strange to feel someone so different, though. His body wasn't anything like Cu's or Di's... if anything, it'd be closest to Mikiya's.

"Really?" She felt frustrated that she had no idea it'd happened. It felt like no one shared those details with her. "Why did she like it? Did Shiki cut her, or something? Maybe I shouldn't say she does that..." She didn't suspect that Shiki would care, though.

"I don't have confidence. Sometimes I feel like the only reason they keep me around is because I brought them back to life." She realized that might sound crazy to him, but she could elaborate if she needed to. "I did that because I was selfish, though."

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"It's hard for me to talk. I lived by myself for so long and had to deal with things on my own... I based my whole life at succeeding at a war I fought when I was 16. I didn't have plans for after that." She didn't know if she was actually prideful or it was just her own fear that held her back.

"None of us had that problem. Some of them had to fight each other, but that was an obligation, they wouldn't if they had a choice. Not to kill, anyway. It's just... how do you measure up to a King, you know? I love her more than anything, but she could have anyone in the world that she wants. I don't know if you've seen Diarmuid or Cu, but I'm just... absolutely incomparable." She didn't add that she thought Saber liked men more than women.

"How can you want to hear about this? It frustrates me just talking, and it's my own feelings. I guess maybe I shouldn't make assumptions about anyone else..."

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Rin moaned into the kiss, and then laughed a little when they broke apart. "No, listening to my emotional problems doesn't get you hot?" She ran her hands through his short hair, tugging a little. He was a really good kisser, she'd give him that... It was obvious he had more experience. She hoped he wouldn't mind that she still didn't have that much, yet...

She ran her hands down his chest, tugging at his tie. "Thanks for listening to me. I'm not going to talk about it anymore right now... I'd rather you put your mouth to better use." She managed to grin, just a little, sincere in her teasing. She still wasn't very good at being a minx (a word she hated, that Cu liked to use), but that didn't mean she couldn't try.

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She hated herself for blushing at what he said, but she couldn't help herself. Saying she was 'shy' hit too close to home, and it made her mad. "What does that mean, girls from home? From Japan?" She leaned into his touch. "I hate the word 'proper'... I spent a long time trying to be that way, but I don't have to anymore." She leaned down, and pulled his bottom lip between her teeth. "So... maybe you should help me be more wild, then." She couldn't meet his eye, and focused on attaching her mouth to his neck instead.

It was as close to a confession as she could get about this. She was surprised by how calm she felt about it all. She was still nervous, of course, but it was nice to see him just be confident. To touch her without any reservations. He was less abrasive than she thought he'd be, too.

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She whimpered when he jerked her head back, but that didn't mean she didn't like it. It was just unexpected. She felt like Cu and Diarmuid always treated her like broken glass, and Saber always went slowly, too... it didn't make it bad, but it was like they thought she needed to be treated like some princess. She didn't know how to ask for more, either... maybe she'd tell Rock to mark her, make it obvious how much she really could take.

She only hesitated for a split second before she moved her hands, undoing his belt and moving his pants down enough that she could pull out his cock. She bit her lip at the sight of it, and tightened her fingers around him. She used a strong grip, assuming that was what he'd prefer, and her other hand moved so she could press her nails into his hip. She wasn't used to this; most of the time, she just slept with Diarmuid and Cu.

"... Rock. I want marks." She looked up, finally, and met his eyes. "I want them to be able to see how much I can take."

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All Rin could do was moan, cry out in pleasure and pain. God, it hurt, but it was so, so good. She couldn't wrap her head around it. It was all she could do to keep her hand moving on his cock, as she felt the muscles in her thighs shake.

"M-My worst wouldn't have impressed you, back then." She huffed, barely able to get the words out. It probably wouldn't now, either, but that wasn't important. She wanted him to push her body to its absolute limits, and she spoke up about it.

"I don't want to be able to walk tomorrow." She was shocked at how sure she sounded, even to her own ears. She thought she'd have to force herself through this to prove a point, but now it was entirely the opposite.

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Rin shivered violently, both from want and the cold. Her hands struggled to grip the car and get purchase, and she leaned against it heavily, feeling her nipples getting hard. She hadn't expected him to give her his cock so quickly, and she tightened around him immediately. She bit her lip, pressing her forehead into the steel.

"Please." She started out quiet, not knowing the right words to say, or what would spur him on enough to just fucking move. "I want it. I want you to take me so hard that you need to carry me back into the car." She tried to move, pushing back against him, and growled in frustration when she couldn't get him much deeper.

She raised her voice. "I want you to hurt me. I want to prove to all of them that I'm not just some fragile princess, that they can actually treat me like a woman." Her annoyance was becoming more apparent, and she sucked in an audible breath.

"I want to get fucked! You say you want me, and then you tease me like this! Just move!"
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Rin didn't even think about it, letting out a primal, animal scream, deep from her throat. She didn't care anymore; out here, who was going to hear her? She was completely taken in by the pleasure, now, the way his cock slammed into her with no hesitation.

"Yes! I said I wanted marks, bite me! Scratch me! Why are you going so easy on me? I thought you liked it rough!" She could feel every muscle, every nerve in her body reaction to him. There was an underlying current of pain, and she knew she would feel it tomorrow. Still, she didn't care. Right now, she wanted to be completely broken.

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Rin groaned angrily when he pulled out, but the rocks felt good against her knees. She wasn't confident in giving blowjobs, but she was so beyond caring that she could barely even feel the nervousness, anymore. At least he wasn't as big as Cu, so maybe it'd be easier.

She raked her nails over the inside of his thighs, intent on giving him at least some of the same punishment back, before she licked up the entire length of his cock. She took as much as she could into her mouth, and sucked hard, grateful at the way his hands automatically went to pull at her hair.

She could feel his legs shake the longer she went on, and there was something strangely hot about the way his cock twitched. She was taken aback when he came, but swallowed anyway once she pulled away, making a face at the taste.

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Rin held tightly onto him, chest heaving. She knew it wouldn't be long before she came; she was so wound up by everything, her body was practically a spring just waiting to uncoil. She ached everywhere, his fingers almost hurt as much as they felt good. She ran her hands over his back and shoulders over and over, and bit into his shoulder when she came, moaning against him.

She let her body go limp, feeling the weight of all the hard sex now, the slaps and the biting. She mumbled, realizing how raw her throat was. "Open a window, it's hot in here." She was sure she'd be freezing again in a second, and had no idea if he actually would want to stick around now, but either way, she could be comfortable.


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