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Saturday, 29 August 2015 21:54
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She was easy to spot across the room. He hadn't gotten to see a picture with her face in it, so he checked from behind. The brown curls were a dead giveaway. She wasn't specifically in her costume, but maybe it was underneath. He had thought about asking for a sailor suit, but settled on a standard uniform. He figured it would be hotter if it reminded him of his actual school days. As he got closer, he recognized the plaid skirt and practically salivated at the sight of her legs. He was surprised how into this he was.

On top, she wore a black sweater that looked bulky -- obviously she was wearing the uniform and tie underneath. She had a big black bag that must have had props, and maybe the uniform jacket. He sat down next to her.

"Are you Kumiko?" he said. He knew he was right just based on her eyes. "I don't want a drink. Let's go upstairs, if you're ready." He didn't touch her. He probably should have, given how much money he'd spent and how much Revy had mocked him while he made his request over the phone, but he was alright. He was practically already in "costume" with his dress shirt on. He leaned over the bar, watching her, head resting on his chin. She was gorgeous, but still innocent. Not his usual type, but it was going to work.


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