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She was easy to spot across the room. He hadn't gotten to see a picture with her face in it, so he checked from behind. The brown curls were a dead giveaway. She wasn't specifically in her costume, but maybe it was underneath. He had thought about asking for a sailor suit, but settled on a standard uniform. He figured it would be hotter if it reminded him of his actual school days. As he got closer, he recognized the plaid skirt and practically salivated at the sight of her legs. He was surprised how into this he was.

On top, she wore a black sweater that looked bulky -- obviously she was wearing the uniform and tie underneath. She had a big black bag that must have had props, and maybe the uniform jacket. He sat down next to her.

"Are you Kumiko?" he said. He knew he was right just based on her eyes. "I don't want a drink. Let's go upstairs, if you're ready." He didn't touch her. He probably should have, given how much money he'd spent and how much Revy had mocked him while he made his request over the phone, but he was alright. He was practically already in "costume" with his dress shirt on. He leaned over the bar, watching her, head resting on his chin. She was gorgeous, but still innocent. Not his usual type, but it was going to work.

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Kumiko's heart shot up to her throat when he actually talked to her, and it was all she could do to nod. Yes, she'd gotten a little more confident over the last few months... but this was something else entirely. Still, she was in it, now... she couldn't just act timid... that certainly wouldn't help her case. So she turned, and took his hand. "Yes, sensei. I have the key to our room, already..." She stood up, only holding his hand loosely, in case he didn't want to. She smiled, just a little. "I was hoping you'd get me a drink, since you know I can't myself... but maybe you will later, right?"

She left it at that, hoping it was... well, at least a little bit of what he wanted. She still wasn't very good at playing coy or charming... she was still envious of Reina for that. Still... it was exciting, as scared as she was. She was hoping it wouldn't be painful for her. (Really, that was stupid of her. She'd used so many toys with Reina, why would this hurt her? Still, she couldn't help it...)

When they got to their floor, the beeping of the lock opening felt like her last chance to back out. She held it back, pulling him inside with her, instead, pre-emptively throwing the 'do not disturb' sign over the handle. She took a deep breath, quietly, and tried to steady her heartbeat, before she put her hands behind her back, looking at him as innocently as she could.

Now that she actually saw him, he was handsome. That was something, at least. It definitely made things easier. She pouted, before she spoke up. "I hope I don't disappoint you, sensei... I've been trying really hard to keep up, but I know I haven't gotten there, yet... maybe you can help me?"

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"Yeah?" She smiled a little at the compliment. Her hands went to the hem of the sweater, and she pulled at it, making sure to expose her belly when she did. It was... well, it was hard to take it off and be sexy, really, but she tried her best. She tossed it away to the side, swaying her hips with purpose while she walked towards him.

Well, he said he liked her legs... so she went for it completely, just straddling him and spreading her knees apart, so her thighs were more visible. She her arms around his shoulders, one hand going to the back of his hair and rubbing, gently. She had no idea how to this, she was quickly realizing; it'd still be best to go for sweet and innocent, right? Was doing something like this too sweet though, and did that make it not sexy? If he didn't care that much about the teacher thing, was it really just the outfit? So, then, should she try to keep it on as long as she could?

All those thoughts didn't include her worries that she wouldn't get turned on. She was hoping she could ignore that... well, bypass it, rather. If it felt good, physically, that was the only important part. Kissing guys had been ok... well, if worst came to worst, she could just think about Reina. She knew she'd be fine, then. She flushed just the tiniest bit thinking about it, and was glad that went along with her act.

"Rock... thank you for wanting to spend time with me. I'm sure you can teach me a lot of things." She hoped it wasn't somehow obvious how true that actually was.

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Kumiko bit her lip and moaned at the sudden touch, muscle tightening. She was surprised, though, at how gently he'd kissed her. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all... She moved her hand, rubbing down over his shoulders now. "I do, you're right... if you weren't with them then, well... you won't even think about it, after you're with me. I'll do everything that you wanted to."

She tightened her thighs against his legs, on purpose, and brought her hands to his chest to rub over him. She almost wished she could explain that this was her first time so there was a reason for her inexperience... but obviously that couldn't happen. Not to mention, it probably wasn't hot. Although... maybe he would think it was if he knew he was the first man she'd ever been with.

"Why don't you tell me about it, Rock? The fantasies that you have... I want to make sure that you don't miss out on anything."


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