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Tuesday, 19 May 2015 17:33
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Rock went into his bedroom, ignoring Revy's screaming. He wasn't entirely sure if she was angry at someone or if Eda's head was buried in between her thighs, but he wasn't worried about it. He wandered down the stairs, stopping at one of the landings and leaning over the railing. The sun was setting slowly, as it always did. He wondered why, in the grand scheme of things, he was so happy. He reached for his cigarettes, realizing his pockets were empty.

He saw Roberta on the beach below, also watching the sunset. She looked gorgeous, her hair flowing down almost to her waist. He wanted to approach her, but waited. He was down low enough, and accompanied by the waves, he couldn't hear Revy or Eda. It was almost silent, and he jutst closed his eyes, taking in the heat from the sun.

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Eda sauntered outside, feeling the sun against her mostly bare skin. Her panties were so tight her ass was practically falling out of them... and she was wearing a tank top, but her tits hiked it up so high that her stomach was exposed, not to mention you could see her nipples through it anyway. Still, she'd had sunburnt tits before, and that shit wasn't fun.

She grinned at Rock's back, walking up to him and slipping one hand into his pocket and the other against his ass. She squeezed the inside of his thigh, and leaned up to bite his earlobe. "Hey, handsome. No cigarettes?" She reached into the other pocket and frowned when she felt they were empty. Well, shit. Should've taken them from Revy.

She leaned up against the railing, looking down at the beach and spotting the maid. Ah, of course he was looking at her. Not really surprising... she noticed those things, but it's not like she spoke up about it. She didn't want a bullet through her again. Not to mention last time she'd gotten shot, it was through the ass, and Revy had laughed at her for months.

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"Yeah? Tell me about it, tiger." She grinned, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and pressing herself against him, leaning in for a deeper kiss. Revy didn't know what she was missing out on, playing hard to get. Maybe the maid didn't either. She didn't know much about her sex life with Rock.

She pulled away, tightening her ankle around his leg. "Please. She's brutal," she pulled down her tank top, showing him her tits that were covered in bites, "But she's the one still in bed, isn't she? I've got enough energy to work you and maid over." She slid her hands down over his chest, squeezing at his hips.

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"I'd love to do it, if I didn't think she'd fucking knife me while she had her fingers in me." She was sincere when she said it; she was fucking unpredictable. Revy was easy enough to read after knowing her so long, even though she'd be pissed if she said that out loud.

"Why don't you watch me and Revy? She'd be into it, even if she pretends she's not." She laughed, pulling his shirt out of his pants and starting to undo his buttons. Maybe if she gave the maid a show, she'd join in. "You don't do it as much as you used to. I can't imagine it got boring..." She leaned forward, taking one of the muscles in his neck between her teeth.

"I don't know if 'content' is a good word. It's nice to get fucked whenever I want. It's something." She wanted to comment on him saying he loved her... point out that the way he looked at her was totally different from how he looked at the other two, but it didn't matter. Not fucking really. There wasn't a point in getting emotional about it. She didn't think he was lying, anyway.

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"Oh yeah, has she? What did she say, exactly?" She moaned as he touched her, slipping her hand into the back of his hair and tugging, hard. "Like I'm ever going to say no to fucking another woman. Or anyone, for that matter." She laughed, reaching for his tie and pulling so it tightened around his neck.

"Insatiable? Of fucking course I am. I don't think you can say shit about it, since you're fucking three different women. Like you just said, don't complain... must be nice, having someone want you every second." She grinned at him, pulling at the back of his shirt. "Take this shit off, Rock." She was going to regret getting fucked out here, considering she was going to have a damn railing bruise against her back, but whatever. It was turning into a rare occasion these days that she had him to herself for a few minutes.

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"Fuck!" She cried out in pain as his mouth deepened the bruises on her skin, and she hiked her leg up to dig her heel into his hip. "Yeah, I'll always take more compliments... tell me the truth, are mine or hers bigger?" She jerked her head in Roberta's direction. "I never get close enough to tell myself."

She rocked her hips down, leaning forward to sink her teeth into his shoulder, desperate to leave a good mark. "Hey, make sure you grope Revy's ass a lot in the next few days. I left a massive bruise, if you touch it it'll fucking hurt. I'll bet it'd really turn her on." She reached down to grab his cock, not giving him any relief as his fingers tightened around him.

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Eda moved from her position on top of Rock to kiss him, slow and open mouthed. She moaned against his lips until she pulled away, laying on him again and tracing her fingers over his sides. He was the only one who got to see her romantic side... she wouldn't risk it with Revy. It wasn't worth the shit she'd have to endure to touch her nicely for three fucking seconds.

"You know." She was quiet, her voice hoarse from all her moaning. "I wonder what would happen if this all ended, sometimes. I really don't know if you'd pick Revy or Roberta, if you had to. If you chose the maid, I wonder if Revy would dump my ass or not." She didn't smile, or act like she was teasing, but kept her face turned so he couldn't see her expression.

"I can't just let go and give into it. I feel like the second I do, it'll be over. Guess that's what I get for choosing this sort of life, and being with people who chose it, too." She wished she had a cigarette, and wondered if Rock knew she was in love with Revy or not.
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"I didn't say I was leaving. I'm not a total idiot. I'll take what I can get." She pushed her fingers into a bruise on his ribcage. "You always struck me as the romantic type, no matter what type of bullshit you live now. Obviously you're more fucked up than I imagined, though, since you want all of us." She grinned, despite herself.

"Things change, sure, but it doesn't mean we're all not lying to ourselves. To each other. You really think Revy thinks about what this all means? Of course she doesn't. She ignores it so she doesn't have to deal with it. Not that I blame her. Fuck, I need a cigarette." All this honest talk made her feel like she should be fucking drunk.

"I guess I don't know how your relationship with Roberta is, so maybe she's secretly tender in bed or something." She snorted. "At the end of the day, fucking you is better than fucking whores in the alleyways and cheap hotels in Roanapur."
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"Worse than Revy, huh? That's pretty fucking horrifying." She chewed on a nail, the oral fixation starting to get to her. "Fucking her while she does nothing is even weirder, though. You ever wish you had a normal woman? I guess you wouldn't be here, if you did." She raised an eyebrow.

"The only time I'm allowed to be nice to Revy is if she's asleep. Or, well... if I fuck her so hard she literally can't move. That's hard though, because then I'm in the same boat. It worked pretty well that one day you were with her for hours, though. Then she couldn't take me for much longer. Thanks for that, I guess."

She stood up, stretching and popping some of her joints. "We can sit out here and talk, but I need a fucking cigarette. Are you getting them, or am I?"

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"Thank fuck." She took a drag off the cigarette once she got it in her mouth, shivering slightly as the cool air hit her body. "Yeah, whatever. Not anything more than we deserve, anyway." She stared out at the waves, moving a little closer to Rock to try and get some of his body heat.

"So, tell me something. You ever think you'd be in this position? What did you expect out of your life? To be some white collar worker, marry a perfect Japanese girl, have a few kids? Now instead, you've got an American... well fine, two, Revy would throw a fit if I called her Chinese, and a Columbian in your harem. Lots of colors for you, huh?" She laughed, sincerely.


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