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Rock sighed as he leaned back in his chair, pulling a cigarette out of the pack in his pocket and lighting it up. He focused on the ceiling as the familiar burn of smoke filtered into his lungs. Being in charge of all this paperwork was stressful, but it's not like he could trust any of the girls to do it. He was stressed, and he knew the best way to get out of it was a good fuck... but he'd seen (and heard), Revy and Eda on his way home, and Roberta... well, she wasn't anywhere to be found, at the moment. Besides... he couldn't just ask her, or push her into it. He sighed, getting up and walking into the kitchen to get a beer, as a temporary catharsis.

He leaned against the counter, considering. Those two girls had been practically draping themselves over him the other day... shit, what were their names? Well, it didn't matter, not now. As much as he wanted to go and find them, it would get him in more shit than he wanted to deal with. Revy might give him a little leeway because at least they weren't Japanese, but he didn't want the unpleasant ball-busting experience afterwards, both literally and figuratively. Eda wouldn't give a shit, of course, but... now he had Roberta to worry about, too. No matter what all of them wanted to pretend, he was the one who had to make sure no one's feelings got hurt. Well, not deeply, anyway.

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Roberta woke up, wincing as a bandage nearly came loose. She'd been through more than she could handle, and was ready to beat Revy half to death. If it wasn't for her reckless behavior, they would never get into so much trouble. She needed some stimulation that didn't involve getting shot at, and fast.

Standing at the mirror, she tore another bandage off her face, unwinding as much of the gauze on her body as possible. She pulled a pair of shorts and a jacket on, not knowing where they came from. She zipped up the jacket and itched, wondering why the shorts were so tight.

"Rock," she said once she entered the kitchen. "I wish you had a proper name. Where are the others?" She walked closer to him, pulling a cigarette from the pack in his shirt pocket.

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Roberta lit her cigarette off of Rock's, not bothering to ask for permission. "They're fine," she said. "I don't need your help." She pulled her jacket down further, showing off her impressive tits. "Don't they look fine?"

She looked down, hoping he'd already have his cock out. He always made it difficult. "The other two are fucking. Disgusting," she said. "It's unprofessional... and pathetic. They'll be worn out before they even make each other come properly..."

Another inhalation on her cigarette followed. "You know you were the first man I fucked in almost ten years?" she said.

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Roberta moved a step closer and tugged at Rock's tie. It was fairly loose, she just pulled it down further, and loosened two buttons behind it. She took one last drag on her cigarette. "I could give you such a brutal burn right now," she said. "Weakling." She put it out behind his head, onto the counter. Her expression never changed.

"What did you think? That I was strong? A slut, like the other two?" she said. "No... I'd been celibate, the entire time I worked at the Lovelace household, and for some time before that. And until Revy and Eda invited me... well, allowed me, into their bed, I'd never been with a woman."

She pushed herself against him, flesh on flesh. "When we first met, did you want me? When I beat Revy to a pulp, didn't you think about it? Or are you a liar?" she said.

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"At least you have an honest sense of yourself," she said. "I was ready to kill you, so it's accurate. But now... you're involved." She zipped her jacket down the rest of the way and pulled it off, tossing it away.

"They're yours. I'm sick of being quiet and calm," she said. "Even if Revy got me hurt, it wasn't enough. If I have to be in this new role, I need to be taken and to be hurt." She put a hand on his chest.



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