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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 02:20
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Rock put out his last cigarette, looking over at Revy as she stared distantly at the idiotic cable TV she had on. It was a pretty usual post-sex routine, including her legs being spread as wide as possible, as wide as they were while they were doing it, and her total lack of clothing. He was also naked, but she'd barely moved from where was was during the actual event, at least the last portion. Usually, this was when she laughed uproariously at something, before returning to her neutral face.

He turned to the left, pushing another packet of cigarettes and a can of beer towards her, using his foot. He stayed sitting on the arm of the couch, not wanting to be close enough for her foot to enter his skull. "Hey, Revy? I wanted to talk to you about something. Do you... when Mana was born, how did you feel?" he said.

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"How did it make me feel?" She looked towards Rock, the expression on her face matching would it would be if she stepped in dog shit. Feelings, why the fuck was he bringing that up? Mana was almost 18... soon enough, she wouldn't have to hold back her words, ever. Period. She'd be a grown fucking adult, and Rock couldn't use the words 'she's just a kid!' against her, ever again. Not to mention she'd probably go away to college or what the fuck ever, and then the four of them could return to fucking on every surface of the house again.

"I don't know. Good for them, I guess. They wanted it. It had jack shit to do with me. Thank fuck." She grabbed a cigarette, taking a long drag before blowing smoke. "What, are you all sad she might leave? You're really pathetic, Rock, you know that?"

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"This is a fucking joke, right?" Revy's heart pounded in her ears, pulse quickly rising, making her light-headed. She saw red, quicker than she had in a long time. Her voice was dead serious, venom-filled. "The only reason I could deal with Mana is because it didn't have anything to do with us. I didn't have to fucking look at her, if I didn't want to. If you had a fucking kid..." She bit through the cigarette when she snarled, spitting the remnants on the floor, grounding out the ashes with her palm.

"No. It's not fucking happening. You got some stupid fucking idea in your head, and you'd regret it. You don't want that fucking responsibility, and I don't want you ruining my goddamn life and making it so I have to be 'quiet' and 'not forceful' and act like I'm some nice fucking person for another twenty years. I want to be with all of you and fuck whenever the hell we want again. That was the whole point. You're asking me to be a fucking geriatric and waste even more time not having what I want."

Her eyes burned like the last bit of orange ash on the carpet. "Not to mention I'm pretty sure Shiki doesn't want another one."

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"No, I fucking don't, because I hate kids and don't want any fucking human emotionally attached to me for any goddamn reason." She ignored the implications of that, but it was different. A kid was dead if you left it alone. Those three... they'd be fine without her. Happier, possibly, but fuck them. She rolled her eyes.

"It fucking bothers me, actually, if you want to know the truth. Because Shiki gets me like nobody else does, we're alike, but not that part. I will never understand why any human being has a kid. They're walking piles of shit, snot, and attention mongers. They ruin your life even more than it already is."

"And let's make one thing clear, Rock. If you go through with this, you're separating yourself from me, not from them. They'd all want to be involved. I don't. I wouldn't look at the fucking thing, if I didn't have to."
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Revy surged forward, pushing her forearm against Rock's throat, pinning him to the door. She didn't give a shit if she choked him; in fact, she hoped she did. She hoped it was burning to get any air in his goddamn, piece of shit lungs that were letting him spew out goddamn garbage.

"You sound like you have a problem with how I live my life, Rock." Her eyes were dark, teeth bared. "You're forgetting that I will fucking kill you." She pushed more of her weight against him. "Don't think because I've gotten 'better', or whatever fucking delusion you've given yourself, that that's changed. It hasn't. I don't need you. If you're going to be selfish, then you can't get pissed off at me for doing it, too. Don't hide behind the guise of letting me have a fucking opinion and then backtracking on it like a goddamn pussy. Piece of shit." She almost spit at his feet.


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